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Trust is the biggest hurdle. And trust largely comes from social proof. Social proof is the story we end up believing.

Your job as a marketer, then, is to take the threads of social proof and weave them together into something powerful.

– Seth Godin

Create the
"where the locals eat" effect for your site

Having an amazing product isn't always enough.

You need to show site visitors that other people love your product too.


Add Social Proof in 3 Simple Steps


Adding Evidence to your site is quick and simple. Copy a single line of code and paste it onto your site.


Once the code is on your site, connect your tools to let actions other visitors do your marketing.


Within a few minutes, you'll start converting more visitors by using real-time, powerful social proof.

Conversion tools That Actually Work

Evidence has Multiple options to help you trigger the right emotion that converts


Show the real actions taken by real people. Whether your site has micro conversions, like downloads or appointment bookings, or full conversions, like purchases, these are actions that help future site visitors convert by building buyer confidence.

Conversions help build awareness and buyer confidence to increase conversions.

Hot Streaks

If your product is crushing it, brag about it using Hot Streaks. This notification type shows the number of actions over a given time, such as site visits, purchases, registrations, or downloads.

Hot streaks build buyer confidence to increase site conversions.

Visitor Count

Trigger the fear-of-missing-out emotion by showing how many people are visiting your site or viewing a particular product at that very moment. This notification type helps build buyer urgency.

Build more buyer urgency using visitor count.


Deliver a targeted, well-timed offer to your site visitors. This tool is perfect to offer relevant lead magnets, coupon codes, or flash-sale offers.
Coming Soon!

Create targeted offers to increase site conversions

Boomerang Tabs

Bring lost traffic back to your site by using Boomerang Tabs. New notifications displayed as the browser tab title will grab their attention and bring them back to your site.

Convert more visitors by bringing traffic back to your site.
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